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CryptoFemale California

Meet the Founders

CryptoFemale is getting bigger and more global day by day. We can proudly say that CryptoFemale California is live now.

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About Us



In the whole world and our country, outstanding gender-based equal opportunities and employment issues are insufficient, especially in the IT, software, and engineering sectors. Today, the world of Blockchain technology is moving towards new dimensions, while the role of qualified human resources is essential. As "CryptoFemale Global," we are saying, "WE ARE ALSO IN IT!" to ensure equal sectoral opportunities in this rapidly developing field.

In this regard, we are aiming to raise our voice-first in Turkey than in global with many activities and also contribute all work on this field. We are upon your support, and we want to remind you that supporting women serves civilization and even the future. We founded CryptoFemale Global to make women participate in the blockchain and crypto money world, unlike other sectors & participation in the information sector with this technology.

Our purposes:

  • Increasing the women's technology literacy level Making women take place in newly developed sectors like in existing sectors Increase women's awareness level in this field

  • To cooperate with relevant organizations and contribute to gender equality

  • Bringing women and men together that actıve ın different sectors and making various education, workshop, seminar and similarly interactıve organizations.

  • Organizing camps for more placement of women in blockchain and crypto money sector, getting the support of related institutions Participation in national and international organizations

  • Supporting and mentoring especially women students studıes in this field

  • Teaching to write blockchain projects and creating support mechanisms for the projects.

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