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CryptoFemale, a volunteer-based organization dedicated to promoting gender equality, warmly welcomes both women and men to join us as members and supporters. We eagerly await your participation in our mission to create a more inclusive world.




At CryptoFemale, accessibility is a core value we hold dear. We are dedicated to ensuring that our organization and activities are open and reachable to all members and supporters. We understand the importance of inclusivity and breaking down barriers that hinder participation. Through our various social media accounts and media channels, we strive to provide easy access to information, resources, and opportunities within the crypto community. We eagerly welcome engagement, feedback, and suggestions from anyone who wishes to contribute and be a part of our vibrant ecosystem.



Inclusivity is at the heart of CryptoFemale's mission. We firmly believe that the blockchain and cryptocurrency space should welcome individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Our goal is to foster an environment where everyone feels valued, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique perspectives and talents. We actively work to eliminate discrimination, prejudice, and biases that hinder progress in the industry. By embracing inclusivity, we can unlock the full potential of innovation and collaboration, creating a stronger and more vibrant community for all.



Empowerment is a fundamental principle of CryptoFemale. We are dedicated to empowering individuals, particularly women, in the blockchain and cryptocurrency sector. Through education, mentorship, and support, we aim to equip women with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to succeed in this fast-evolving industry. We encourage women to take leadership roles, participate in decision-making processes, and seize opportunities for growth and advancement. Our vision is a future where women's voices are heard, their achievements are celebrated, and they play an influential role in shaping the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.



At CryptoFemale, we believe in the power of community. We are committed to being a community-led organization, where decisions are made collectively and transparently. We value the wisdom, ideas, and opinions of our members and supporters, recognizing that diverse perspectives lead to stronger outcomes. Through open dialogue, collaboration, and consensus-building, we strive to create an inclusive and democratic environment where everyone has the opportunity to contribute and shape the direction of our initiatives. We aim to build a community that reflects the aspirations and needs of its members.



CryptoFemale is driven by the desire to disrupt traditional norms and practices within the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry. We recognize the need for change, innovation, and progress in this space. By challenging existing structures, we aim to create a more equitable, inclusive, and sustainable ecosystem. We actively seek opportunities to break down barriers, advocate for diversity and inclusion, and promote ethical practices. Through our actions, collaborations, and initiatives, we aspire to reshape the industry's landscape, catalyzing positive transformations that benefit all participants. We envision a future where the potential of blockchain technology is harnessed for the betterment of society.


At CryptoFemale, we believe in equal access and opportunities for all individuals, regardless of gender. That's why we have made the decision not to charge any membership fees. We want to ensure that financial considerations do not prevent anyone from participating in our organization. By eliminating membership fees, we create a level playing field where everyone can join, engage, and contribute to our community. Our commitment to inclusivity extends to all genders, and we welcome everyone to be a part of our mission.

CryptoFemale Membership / Supporter Application Form

There are two ways to get in on our awesome community. If you're a woman, you can join us as a MEMBER. And for all you fellas out there who believe in gender equality and have got our back, you can join as a SUPPORTER. We love having ya'll on board!

Which CryptoFemale do you want to member.
Membership Type

* Standart Member: So like, if you're not really feeling it right now, you can still totally join in on the trainings and events, no worries.

**Premium Member: if you're super into what we're doing and are ready to take on some responsibility and be a real go-getter, then you're an active member and we love you for it!

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