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Crypto Female is an organization founded in 2019 with a clear mission: to increase women's participation in the crypto industry and create a supportive ecosystem that empowers everyone to realize their full potential. In 2023, the board members and members of CryptoFemale reached a unanimous decision: to empower not only women but also individuals of all genders who encounter barriers to entry into the crypto and related technologies. Our goal is to ensure that all genders have access to the industry, welcoming individuals from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, and providing support to everyone.

We strive to ignite a movement towards greater innovation, diversity, and collaboration in the rapidly-evolving realm of Web3.




​At Crypto Female, our ultimate goal is to inspire and onboard more women and individuals of other genders on a journey to revolutionize the crypto industry. We envision a future where all genders are equally represented, valued, and empowered in the crypto space and emerging technologies. By creating an inspiring, welcoming, and collaborative community for everyone, we aim to break down barriers and build bridges, fostering a truly diverse and inclusive crypto ecosystem.


To achieve our mission, we are dedicated to fostering collaboration through education, mentorship, sponsorship, and networking opportunities. We believe that by providing resources and support, we can inspire, empower, and onboard women and individuals of all genders into the crypto industry. We take responsibility for creating the meaningful change necessary to create a more inclusive and equal space for everyone.

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