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Casper Ecosystem Connect - Istanbul Edition

Casper Network is celebrating the perfect harmony of the gaming world and blockchain technology with an Ecosystem Workshop held in Istanbul. We at CryptoFemale are thrilled to host and lead this workshop event!

The Intersection of Gaming and Blockchain: Casper Network in Istanbul!

Casper Ecosystem Connect - Istanbul Edition!

Gamers, game developers, and blockchain enthusiasts will explore various aspects of Web3 technology and the future at this event in the heart of Istanbul. The leaders and key stakeholders of the Casper Ecosystem, especially from the gaming sector, will share their knowledge and experiences at the physical workshop event in Beşiktaş on November 11th.

The event will start at 15:00 Istanbul time. We understand how valuable and important sharing knowledge is for the development of the ecosystem. With the Casper Ecosystem Workshop, we are excited to explore a smooth transition to the Casper ecosystem and how to integrate with Casper and Web3 through community presentations.

You can register using, but please note that the capacity is limited. 

Gaming Hackathon: An exciting gaming event, "Hack the Track," will be held concurrently for game developers and players, in collaboration with Hungri Games. Please register for this gaming event.

After the Casper Network Istanbul event, there will be a discussion on blockchain networks at 20:00 at YouPlace Cafe. You can visit the link for details and registration.

And don't forget the best part of the night: after the workshop, we'll enjoy the evening at YouPlace Cafe during the network gathering. Pizzas and drinks are on us! Transportation from GlobalB to YouPlace Cafe will be provided for all workshop and hackathon participants.

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